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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 

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2018 Summit Agenda

The Summit Agenda is subject to change and is meant to give participants clarity around the themes for each day and the timing for travel and planning purposes.  See forthcoming session descriptions for more detail about each session. 


October 16th

Travel day.  Arrive in Boston in time for a shuttle from the airport, courtesy of our hosts, AMC's Youth Opportunity Program (YOP), and an informal tour of the YOP gear library.  And of course, what's turned into an OEN classic- Veggie Chili and a cold beer!  


Advisory Council Meeting 3-5pm

Shuttles to Cardigan Lodge in New Hampshire will leave Boston at 7pm.  Contact Hannah Shapiro with any questions you have about travel, logistics. 


October 17th

7:30 - 9am       Registration Open,  Breakfast and networking

8:00 am           Breakfast 

8:45 am           Opening Exercise

9:00 am          The State of the Network -  Kyle Macdonald, OEN


9:50 am          Theory of Change and Shared Measurement Planning -  While all of us are committed                             to connecting young people to the outdoors by empowering the communities where                               they live, we have yet to articulate a theory of change for our shared work.  This session                           will clarify our purpose and unify our data collection and measurement practices                                       across the network. 

11:00 am         Best Practices Session #1

12:30 pm        Lunch

1:15 pm           Best Practices Session #2

3:15 pm          PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUT x2

4:00 pm         Outdoor Play, Hike, Run! 

5:30 pm          Salesforce Gear Library Inventory Management software update! 

6:00 pm         Dinner

8:00 pm         Campfire Social! 


October 18th











7:30 am            Breakfast - Registration for one-day participants 

8:30 am            Opening Exercise- Welcome new attendees. 

9am -12:30pm  Campsite Based Programming - A series of short presentations and workshops will                                  provide attendees working on campsite based programs with an opportunity to                                          connect, and share challenges and opportunities specific to running programs that                                   are based in campgrounds*  (Camp Track)

                           Southern Maine's Gear Collaborative, and Gear Sharing today- The problem of                                         getting outdoors because of a lack of gear is a problem with a solution.  A collective of                             passionate outfitters and outdoor educators is hammering out one of those solutions.                             This session will look at theirs, and others to make tracks towards filling this                                                challenging, but solvable problem. (Gear Track)

10:00 am           PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUTS x2

10:40 am           Open Space Format begins within tracks. 

12:30 pm           Lunch

1:15 pm             Open Space Format continues but broadens.        

2:55 pm            PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUTS x2

4:00 pm           Outdoor Play, Hike, Run! 

*Rather than those that are centered around an urban gear library without any attachment to a specific campground.  For more information about how the OEN model looks in different communities read here! 



October 19th











7:30 am           Breakfast 

8:30 am           Opening Exercise 

9:00 am           Collective Impact, Network Theory and why 2+2=5-  This session will focus on where                              we as a network have come from, and where we need to go next.  It will employ                                          network theory and question why our working together means more than the sum of                                our parts!  Lets think Big! 

10:30 am         Network Initiatives - Prioritization and logistics for working groups

11:30 am          Next Steps 

11:45 pm         LUNCH 

12:30 pm         Closing

1:00 pm           Shuttles leave for Boston. 



Special 50 Year Anniversary Celebration!   

Come celebrate 50 years of YOP, at the Appalachian Mountain Club's headquarters in Charlestown.  

 All full Summit participant tickets include access to party.  More info coming soon!