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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 

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Summit Structure

The new Appalachian Mountain Club headquarters will host a 50th anniversary celebration of the Youth Opportunities Program, where we’ll toast their success on Friday night!

The fifth annual Outdoors Empowered Network Summit will be three days of engaging discussions; hikes through the beautiful New Hampshire fall colors; time to connect with colleagues new and old; and time to celebrate our work in the world.  

Touring & celebrating amc & YOP in boston

Upon arrival to Boston on Wednesday, you will travel to YOP's Boston location to tour their facility and gear library and learn about their impressive 50 years of programming throughout New England. In the evening, AMC will provide shuttles to Cardigan Lodge, a 2 hour drive where we will stay through Friday. On Friday, we will return to Boston to attend YOP's 50th anniversary celebrations. YOP will be providing guides for local activities and programs if you'd like to plan additional adventures following the summit.  Please click here to learn about local transportation options to get from the airport to AMC.


Learning & exploring at Cardigan Lodge in Alexandria, NH

During your stay at Cardigan Lodge, we will explore the programs, gear management, best practices and lessons learned from fellow OEN members and other speakers. We will also have ample time to explore the beautiful fall nature in New Hampshire. 

Our work with OEN's best practices will continue to evolve and expand, and an Open Space block will allow participants to determine what is most critical for them to address with their peers. 


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New Hampshire & Mt. Cardigan

Though Cardigan is only 3100 in elevation, it's treeless top often makes it vulnerable to severe weather conditions usually reserved for mountains above 4000 feet. Its 360 degree view gives us an opportunity for great fall leaf peeping! 

Read more, and see more pics of Mt. Cardigan at Summit Post


Check out the full agenda here!


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