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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 


2017 Summit Agenda

The Summit Agenda is subject to change and is meant to give participants clarity around the themes for each day and the timing for travel and planning purposes.  See forthcoming session descriptions for more detail about each session. 


October 31st 

Travel day.  Arrive in time for a walk on the trails along the cliffs of the pacific, and then join us for what is turning into an OEN classic- Veggie Chili and a cold beer!  

Advisory Council Meeting 3-5pm

Registration is open 5 - 7pm


November 1st

7:30 - 9am       Registration Open,  Breakfast and networking

8:00 am           Breakfast 

8:45 am           Opening Exercise

9:00 am          The State of the Network - Our Strategic Plan-  Kyle Macdonald, OEN


9:50 am          Focus on Families - How do we better create inclusive, integrated programs that                                       include families in our work?  Krista Dooley, Washington Trails Association

11:00 am         Best Practices Session #1

12:30 pm        Lunch

1:15 pm           Best Practices Session #2

3:15 pm          PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUT x2

4:00 pm         Outdoor Play, Hike, Run! 

5:15 pm Report Out- Inventory Management Software- Ashley Glosz, Bay Area                                   Wilderness Training  

6:00 pm         Dinner

8:00 pm         Campfire Social! 


November 2nd











8:00 am            Breakfast 

8:45 am            Opening Exercise 

9:00 am            Diversity, Equity and Inclusion- Two Member Programs will share their organizations                               respective journeys towards a cultural shift with equity and inclusion at the center.  -                               Bay Area Wilderness Training and the Appalachian Mountain Club/Youth                                                     Opportunities Program

10:00 am           PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUT x2

10:40 am           Best Practices Session #3

12:30 pm           Lunch

1:15 pm             GUEST SPEAKER: The YMCA- Cracking the Code- Exploring Partnership with one of                                the most ubiquitous and longest standing youth serving agencies in the nation.                                        Laura Hitchcock -Executive Director Presidio YMCA

2:15 pm            PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUT x2

2:55 pm            Best Practices Session Final Session 

4:00 pm           Outdoor Play, Hike, Run! 

Special Sunset Reception:  Outside Lights!  

6PM - 9PM.  Event tickets is included in Summit Registration.  Event is open to the public - tickets sold separately HERE


November 3rd

8:00 am           Breakfast 

8:45 am           Opening Exercise 

9:00 am           Open Space Facilitated Discussions

10:30 am         Network Initiatives - Prioritization and logistics for working groups

11:30 am          Next Steps 

11:45 pm         LUNCH 

12:30 pm         Closing

1:00 pm           Good Byes!