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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 


2019 Summit Agenda

The Summit Agenda is subject to change and is meant to give participants clarity around the themes for each day and the timing for travel and planning purposes.  See forthcoming session descriptions for more detail about each session. 


October 30th 

Travel day.  

Arrive in time (4pm) for a Reception hosted by the Denver REI!  

Advisory Council Meeting 1-4pm

Registration is open 5 - 7pm


October 31st

7:30 - 9am       Registration Open,  Breakfast and networking

8:00 am           Breakfast 

8:45 am           Opening Exercise

9:00 am          The State of the Network - Our Strategic Plan-  Kyle Macdonald, OEN

9:30 am          PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUTs

9:50 am          Concurrent Sessions:

  • Best Practices - For Network Members (Kyle Macdonald, Andrew Pringle, Liza Dadamov)

  • New attendee Welcome and Orientation to the Network- Brian Arnoldt (Forest Preserves of Cook County)

12:30 pm        Lunch

1:15 pm           PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUT x2

1:40 pm          Identity + Nature - an exercise in reflection on how identity effects one’s nature connection.

3:00 pm         Outdoor Play, Hike, Run! 

6:00 pm         Dinner


8:00 pm         Campfire Social! 


November 1st










8:00 am            Breakfast 

8:45 am            Opening Exercise 

9:00 am          Keynote : The Crap Shoot of Life: What Causes Inequities & Where Your Power Lies- Autumn Saxon-Ross

By now, we all are aware of inequalities, but what causes them? Through an interactive game, we will examine how inequitable treatment based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation (and the other socially created “boxes” we put people in) create differences in opportunities and resources, and how these differences manifest.  We will then examine what causes those differences in opportunities and resources and challenge ourselves to use whatever power or privilege we have, to intervene.

11:00 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 10K Feet! -

Our CO based member- Get Outdoors Leadville, will share out learnings from their 2019 Springtime Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit.

12:00 pm           PROGRAM MEMBER SHARE OUT x2

12:30 pm           Lunch

1:15 pm             Open Space - This two block, afternoon session allows participants to bring their own topics, content that they would like to discuss to the table. For more on Open Space read here.

4:15 pm            Let the People Lead! The use of scenarios in Trainings Across the Country (Liza Dadmov- Bay Area Wilderness Training and Kyle Macdonald, Outdoors Empowered Network)

5:00 pm           Outdoor Play, Hike, Run! 

6pm First Annual Evening Awards Dinner


November 2nd

8:00 am           Breakfast 

8:45 am           Opening Exercise 

9:00 am           Outdoor Access Together- A new partnership between Latino Outdoors, Youth Outside and Outdoors Empowered Network. A presentation will be followed by a workshop to allow members to better understand how to utilize these national programs for the biggest impact in their own communities.

10:30 am         Network Initiatives - Prioritization and logistics for working groups

11:30 am          Next Steps 

11:45 pm         LUNCH 

12:30 pm         Closing

1:00 pm           Good Byes! 

5-7pm Summit Send Off - A final party to celebrate new connections and old friends. No better way to build a network than to relax and share over a favorite beverage! Location TBD