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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 

Member Benefits

Being a member of Outdoors Empowered Network has its benefits.  

Here they are! 

Network Membership Benefits 

Outdoor Gear

The Network has carefully built long-term partnerships with many outdoor gear manufacturers, in order to secure valuable brand-new free outdoor gear, clothing and footwear for affiliate programs, as well as discounted prices on purchases to grow and maintain program gear libraries.  We save our affiliates countless hours of work by managing these relationships, and leveraging the combined buying power of multiple programs.  This year, each member program will receive thousands of dollars in free gear for their equipment libraries!

A few of our generous sponsors. 


Network staff and other affiliate programs provide training on designing and implementing Outdoor Leadership programming for teachers and youth development professionals.  Funding is available through grants to members to attend other member organizations trainings. 

STaff Support

The OEN staff allocates a percentage of their time, monthly, to support its members with a range of projects.  From gear needs - including shipping, logistics, purchasing and returns, to marketing and occasionally in person support (where available), members

discounted tickets for the Network's annuaL National Summit 

Shared Resources, Know-How and Best Practices

This work, under the leadership of OEN staff and a small group of network members, has engaged network members in a robust, multi-year dialogue. This process and interaction during and between summits helped strengthen relationships among members by creating a space for idea exchange and trust building.
— Garrett Dempsey, Detroit Outdoors
  1. Through affinity group video conferences, and the TYO Platform we coordinate information sharing and provides a supportive network that strives to share valuable resources. From curricula to time tested policies, to in-field instructional tips, this body of information ensures that no new program has to remake the wheel!

  2. Sharing of cultural relevancy learning; risk management; volunteer management; course and workshop curricula; logistical and administrative systems, processes, and documents.

  3. Coordination of course instructors, curricula and gear loan library practices that allow for reciprocity between affiliates.

  4. Access to our evolving best practices document, which is a growing set of operational policies and procedures that capitalize on over 100 years of collective wisdom utilizing this powerful program model.

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