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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 


Summit Resources

Thanks to everyone who joined us for any of the past Summits!

This page is meant to be a repository of resources referred to or used by summit presenters.  If you attended and see something missing, let us know, so we're sure to add it!  For those of you who didn't attend this page should give you some context for who we are and what we do to connect kids to the outdoors.

Summit Program Overview

The core program focus of the summit has always been about the outdoor leadership training and gear libraries that build community capacity to connect kids to the outdoors.  Key topics included:

  • Information and resource sharing through online community platform
  • Shared metrics and evaluation
  • Building community capacity to access the outdoors
  • Cultural competency, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Technology and the outdoors
  • Best practices within our train and support model
  • Using earned revenue streams to support our programs 

Resources, Tools and Presentations

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in our Programs

Tech and the Outdoors

  • Transit & Trails - A tool for increasing access to the outdoors 
  • Transforming Youth Outdoors (TYO) - An online platform that is an ever-growing collection of resources–including knowledge, best practices, practical tools and guidance–that helps people deliver impactful outdoor programming to the youth they serve.
  • OuterSpatial - A platform for publishing outdoor data and maps
  • Strava - A GPS outdoor activity tracker

Networks, Metrics and evaluation

Camping as Onramp to the Outdoors

Outdoors Empowered Network's inaugural Summit.  Bay Area Wilderness Training, 2014 

Outdoors Empowered Network's inaugural Summit.  Bay Area Wilderness Training, 2014