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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 


Summit Sponsorship

Thanks to everyone who joined us for any of the past Summits!

The generosity of sponsors make our work possible.  Getting to learn from one another and build trust within our network is one of the most important ingredients to our success.  Our work is only possible because we work together, to create more change than any single one of our organizations can create by itself. Join us.  

Ways to help as a sponsor

  1.    Funding - we need help in all kinds of ways, but we always need funding. 

  2.    In-Kind donations - we need gear (for participants), Beer, Food, AV, transportation (what we need from year-to-year all depends on where the summit is taking place) 

  3.   Volunteer - if we're in your region and you'd like to help organize, or be on site during the summit, let us know! 

This year, we have three levels of support: Supporting, Summit, and Presenting. For each level of support, we can offer a brand exposure through social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and through our Summit Materials (print and web).

For a full breakdown of what we can provide in return for sponsoring the National Summit and our Summit Sponsorship Form, please download this document

2018 Summit Sponsors 


Summit Program 

The core program focus of the summit has always been about the outdoor leadership training and gear libraries that build community capacity to connect kids to the outdoors.  

I'd like to help- here's how! 

Contact us using the web form below or click here to download our Summit Sponsorship form with a breakdown of brand exposure opportunities.

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If its not obvious, i.e. you can't make a donation of money or gear, let us know how you'd like to help! Thanks!



Outdoors Empowered Network's inaugural Summit.  Bay Area Wilderness Training, 2014 

Outdoors Empowered Network's inaugural Summit.  Bay Area Wilderness Training, 2014