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We are a growing NETWORK of local organizations using training and outdoor gear libraries to help connect kids to the outdoors across America. 

The Model

Watch this, and learn how our model works... 

The Seattle Channel's CityStream featured a segment on WTA's Outdoor Leadership Training

We exist to seed and support a time-tested model for connecting youth with the outdoors through the adults they trust - teachers and youth workers. These trained adults then have access to free outdoor gear.  Here's how it works:

Training Teachers and Youth Workers: Adults working with youth will take their students outdoors when they are comfortable themselves and have the skills to do so safely.  Our Member Programs provide a host of experiential, outdoors leadership trainings for the youth service sector in their regions.  We make sure that trusted adults can keep youth safe, warm and dry.  That way, the young people will want to go outdoors again, and again. 

Photo courtesy of Bay Area Wilderness Training

Photo courtesy of Bay Area Wilderness Training

Gear Libraries: If you don't have a tent, you won't go camping.  It's that simple.  Our Member Programs run outdoor equipment libraries that make it possible for schools and youth service organizations to take their youth outdoors.  While our members are open to serving, and do serve families, most are aimed at agencies, churches and schools serving groups of youth (sometimes with their families!). Gear libraries can look different in different communities, using a wide array of partnerships, click here to read more about how to get one going in your community.

Photo courtesy of Bay Area Wilderness Training

Photo courtesy of Bay Area Wilderness Training

Getting Kids Outdoors:  For every adult trained, 20+ youth get a chance to experience the power of nature. Seeing the Milky Way for the first time, hearing a rushing waterfall, or even just existing for a few days in a world without sirens and cell phones, these nature-based experiences change lives, and they are the reason we exist. 

Photo courtesy of Washington Trails Association

Photo courtesy of Washington Trails Association


If you're interested in building a program in your community,

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